Digital length counter LMD8-2R/220V

L1=(0 ... 99999999 m), L2=(0 ... 999999 m), Us=220Vac, 190x120x60mm

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The LMD8-2R/220V digital length counter is a microprocessor device with two digital displays - one 8-digits and one 6-digits. The counter is reversible and can add and subtract lengths. It has two inputs "A" and "B" and operates together with an encoder type "NPN". The device has an energy-independent memory. The length counter is specialized for use in the textile industry in the classification of fabrics.


The reversible digital length counter LMD8-2R is designed to operates with an encoder (photoelectric raster converter) or with a sensor with two phase-shifted outputs type "NPN". It serves for measuring the length of fabrics and other materials in their classification. There are two displays on the front panel - 8-digit to measure the total length of the material and 6-digit to measure the length of the defective material. The counter has two independent memories - "Summational" and "Total". The "Summational" memory stores the accumulated lengths of the measured material for a short period of time (day, week, month). The "total" memory serves to store the accumulated lengths for a longer period of time (year, for annual reporting). The coefficient "C" is set programmatically, which serves to convert the electrical pulses received at the input of the counter into real length. The coefficient "C" determines the discreteness (step) when measuring the length of the material.


Digital indication-1, LED - red 8 digits, h = 14mm (height)
Digital display-2, LED - green 6 digits, h = 10mm (height)
Measuring range, L1 0 … 999999,99 m
Measuring range, L2 0 … 9999,99 m
Supply voltage, Us 220 VAC ±10%
Power consumption, P 12 W (55 mA)
Maximum frequency of inputs A and B 3000 Hz
Operating temperature, Tamb -20º...+50º C
Degree of protection IP41
Connection - power supply Connector - mains "MC-AC-J" (male)
Connection - encoder Connector - "Canon 9" (female)
Overall dimensions 190х120х60 mm

Programmable parameter

Conversion coefficient, C (cm) 0.001 ÷ 99.999

Designation of the encoder connector pins

Scheme of connection of LMD8-2R meter counter


Connecting an NPN encoder to the counter input

Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of the housing 190x120x60 of the controller

Short description

The digital length meter LMD8-2R is an electronic device with reversible action, which is used as a means of automating production processes. It is used to measure the length of fabrics at their classification.


LMD8-2R / 12V11÷16VDC / 11÷14VAC6W (50mA)
LMD8-2R / 220V220VAC ±10%12W (55mA)