Optical barrier controller SLC3-12C

Us=24V ac/dc, Output-relay 1A/220V

Price 31.5 EUR no VAT

The SLC3-12C controller is an element of the SLC3 series optical barrier kit.
The price of the controller is included in the total price of the optical barrier.


The SLC3-12C controller is an element of the optical barriers kit series SLC3. It is an electronic device providing supply voltage to the emitter and the receiver, and synchronizes their signals. The controller is powered with 24V direct or alternating voltage. There is a relay output of "dry contact" type which includes to the control circuit of the actuation mechanisms. Direct inclusion of the controller to power circuits is not allowed. In the controller is mounted 2A fuse to protect the output circuit from overloading. The controller is designed for a M35 DIN rail mounting.


Supply voltage, Us 24V AC/DC ±10%
Output - Relay (NC) 1А / 220VAC (2A, Fuse)
Operating temperature, Tamb -20º…+50º C
Degree of protection IP40
Power supply indicator LED (green)
Output relay status indicator LED (red)
Joining Terminal block
Dimensions 86х35х58 mm (for DIN rail M35)

Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of the DIN-35 housing of the controller for rail mounting