Square inductive proximity sensor P3-60.10.K

Sn=12.5mm, 4-wire, PNP/NO+NC, 10-30VDC, 250mA, 60x30x15mm

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Unshielded type P3-60.10.K proximity inductive sensor for direct current with parallelepipedal plastic housing 60x30x15mm, with PNP output type, with one normally open and one normally closed contact. The maximum distance of operation of the proximity sensor is 12,5mm. The sensor ends with a 4-wire PVC connecting cable with a length of 2m and has an LED indicator showing the output state of the inductive sensor. The sensor's outputs are protected of overload and short circuit.


The presented unshielded type P3-60 inductive proximity sensor is used in industrial systems, as automation equipment for switching at 3- and 4-wire direct current electrical circuits. It is activated by approaching of metallic object to him active area. The inductive proximity sensor is resistant to moisture and dust. It has a long service life thanks to the non-contact switching of the electrical circuit in which it is connected.


Operating distance, Sn 12,5 mm
Hysteresis, h 4-15%
Supply voltage, Us 10…30 Vdc (Ripple ±10%)
Output voltage (max), Uout 35 Vdc (open collector)
Residual voltage (max), Ures 0,8 V (I = 250 mA)
Load current (max), Iout 250 mА
Protection of output (scanning), Iprot 350 mA (25°С)
Current consumption, Is 9 mA
Switching frequency (max), fo 100 Hz (Sn=6,5 mm)
Time of fall and rise, tf / tr 0,6 µs / 0,2 µs
Operating temperature range, Tamb -25°…+70° C
Degree of protection IP67 (IEC144)
Light output indicator LED
Joining cable 4x0.25 mm², L=2 m, PVC
Overall dimensions 60x30x15 mm
Housing - plastic PA6 (Polyamide)

Scheme of connection


Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of inductive sensor P3-60, L=60

Type parameters of 3- and 4-wire unshielded inductive sensors with cable P3-60, DC

P3-60.10.KPNP / NO+NC
P3-60.11.KPNP / NO
P3-60.12.KPNP / NC
P3-60.20.KPNP / NO+NC
P3-60.21.KPNP / NO
P3-60.22.KPNP / NC