Rotary encoder E50-02A-90

n=90, NPN outputs (A, B, C), Us=5Vdc, 100mA, Ø50x45mm, axis Ø6

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The rotary encoder E50-02A-90 has three outputs A, B and C and is supplied with a 5Vdc voltage. The encoder produces overlapping series of 90 impulses per revolution at the outputs A and B, and one impulse per revolution at output C. The encoder's outputs are NPN type and are connected with 5,6K resistor to the plus of the power cable. The encoder is made of aluminum housing with dimensions Ø50x45mm and has connecting axis with diameter 6mm. It ends with a shielded cable with connector "Canon 9" with length 1m.

Application and operating principle

The incremental rotary encoder E50-02 serves to convert the angular displacements into electrical impulses. There is three output signals: A, B and C. The output electrical signals A and B are dephased and can be used to determine the direction of rotation of the axes. The output electrical signal C is short single electrical impulse for one complete turning of axle of the device of 360º. The encoder is used widely into practice as a device for automatization of different production processes.


Pulses per revolution, n 90
Outputs A, B, C
Outputs A and B shifted on phases 30°... 90° el.
Supply voltage, Us 5 VDC ±10%
Residual voltage, Ures 0,45V (I=20mA)
Load current (max), Iout 100 mA
Current consumption, Is 25 mA
Operating frequency(max), fo 10 KHz
Fall time and Rise time, tf / tr 0.1 µs / 0.2 µs
Operating temperature range, Tamb -10°…+50° C
Degree of protection IP41
Permissible level of moisture 85% (at 25°С)
Shaft loading (max), radial / thrust 10 N / 5 N
Joining cable 4х0,25mm2 + shield; L=1m
Joining connector Canon “DB9PM” (male)
Overall dimensions Ø50х45

Scheme of connection

"Canon 9" connector (male) - terminal layout

Diagram of Canon 9 connector terminals.


Output characteristic (log. 0)

Timing diagram

Time diagram of encoder E50-02


Connecting to a controller

Scheme of connection of encoder E50-02 with controller.


Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of the rotary encoder E50-02



Title, TYPE Pulses per revolution, n Supply voltage, Us
E50-02A-30305 VDC ±10%
E50-02A-60605 VDC ±10%
E50-02A-90905 VDC ±10%
E50-02B-30308 ... 30 VDC
E50-02B-60608 ... 30 VDC
E50-02B-90908 ... 30 VDC