Safety optical barrier SLC3-12-030

Sn=0÷6m, H=390mm, n=12, a=30mm, Us=24V ac/dc, Output-relay 1A/220V

Price 341.25 EUR no VAT

The safety photoelectric barrier SLC3-12-030 has 12 optical rays located on a plane at distance 30mm one from the other. The security barrier consists of emitter, receiver and controller. The emitter and receiver are made of square aluminum tubular profile with sizes 30x30x390mm. They are located one against the other at a distance of 0 to 6m. The emitter and receiver are connected to the controller with two 4-wire shielded cables ending with connector "Canon 9". The function of each optical ray is indicated by a red LED. If any of the optical rays of the light barrier is interrupted, the output relay of the controller switches-off.
Option - operating distance Sn=10m (Price x1.10).
( Updated on 14-11-2022 )


The safety light curtain series SLC3 is a specialized product used to protect the machines and other moving elements from accidental interventions and to protect the machine operator from injuries. It consists of three elements: Emitter (SLC3-E), Receiver (SLC3-R) and Controller (SLC3-C).

The emitter and the receiver are situated one against the other and are connected by infrared light rays (optical axes). The maximum number of light rays for the series SLC3 is 12. In a normal working process the output relay of the controller is turned on and passes current in the output circuit to which the controller is connected (LED “Relay”- lights). If only one of the rays is interrupted, the output relay of the controller switches off and breaks off the output circuit (LED “Relay”- does not light). The restoring of the working process of the light curtain and turning on of the output relay starts by pushing once the “Reset” button situated on the face panel of the controller. Additional external button "Reset" can be used set between terminals 1 and 5 of the controller. The light curtain operates in automatic mode if terminals 1 and 5 are shorted.


Operating distance, Sn 0...6 m (Option 6÷10 m)
Height of curtain, H /mm/ 390 mm
Number of optical rays (axes), n /pcs/ 12
Distance between the rays (axes), a 30 mm
Supply voltage, Us 24 V AC/DC ±10%
Output - Relay (1 x NC) 1А / 220VAC (2A, Fuse)
Current consumption, Is 120 mA
Reaction time (ON to OFF) 100 ms
Startup waiting time (OFF to ON) 400 ms
Operating temperature range, Tamb -20º…+50º C
Degree of protection IP40
Indicator of the supply voltage LED (green)
Indicator for the state of the output relay LED (red)
The controller joining Terminal block
The controller size (for M35 DIN-rail) 86х35х58 mm

Overall dimensions of the transmitter - receiver (mm)

Overall dimensions of the SLC3 optical barrier


Connecting cable (transmitter-controller; receiver-controller)

Diagram of connecting cable for SLC3 optical barrier


Joining scheme

SLC3 optical barrier connection diagram



Title, TYPE Number of rays, n /pcs/ Distance between the rays, a /mm/ Effective height of action, h /mm/ Barrier height, H /mm/