Fork type sensors with dephased outputs

M18 fork type photoelectric sensor

M18 fork type photoelectric sensor OVM1-18.24.F

Sn=4mm, NPN/2xNO, 8-30VDC, 100mA, M18x60mm, with two dephased outputs

Price 54.6 EUR no VAT

The OVM1-18.24.F infrared photoelectric fork type sensor for direct current with dephased outputs consists of a receiver and transmitter which are located in a cylindrical metal housing M18x60mm. The optical sensor has two normally open NPN outputs. ...

Fork type photoelectric and optoelectronic sensors and switches for direct current with two dephased outputs, DC

These are fork type infrared photoelectric and optoelectronic sensors and switches with two dephased outputs which are used in industrial systems, as electronic automation equipment. They are used for measurement of angular and linear displacements, and for determining the direction of rotation of the shaft or the direction of movement of the linearly moving objects. Between the transmitter and the receiver there is an air gap. When passing a nontransparent object in the air gap the sensor's outputs are switched successively. The fork type infrared photoelectric sensors have a longer period of work due to contactless switching of the electrical circuits in which are included.