M18 fork type photoelectric sensor OVM1-18.24.F

Sn=4mm, NPN/2xNO, 8-30VDC, 100mA, M18x60mm, with two dephased outputs

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The OVM1-18.24.F infrared photoelectric fork type sensor for direct current with dephased outputs consists of a receiver and transmitter which are located in a cylindrical metal housing M18x60mm. The optical sensor has two normally open NPN outputs. The width of the air slot of the optical sensor is 4mm. The optoelectronic sensor ends with a 4-wire PVC connecting cable with a length of 2 m and has an LED indicator showing the state of the outputs of the optical sensor. The sensor's outputs are not protected of short circuit.


The M18 photoelectric fork type sensor has two output signals A and B, which are shifted on phase of 90° (at raster of the observed object 0,5mm). It is used as a sensor to measure the angular and linear displacements, as well as to determine the direction of rotation of shafts or linearly moving objects. The principle of operation consists in the emitting and the receiving an unmodulated (constant) light ray in the infrared area of the spectrum. The optical sensor has a good resolution (0.5 mm). The output indicators of the signals A and B light up when there is no object in the working slot.


Operating distance, Sn 4 mm
Supply voltage, Us 8…30 VDC (Ripple ±10 %)
Residual voltage (max), Ures 0,45 V (I = 250 mA)
Load current (max), Iout 100 mА
Current consumption, Is 25 mA
Outputs A and B (res. 5,6K to +Us)
Outputs A and B shifted on phases 90º electr. (at raster 0,5 mm)
Switching frequency (max), fo 10 kHz
Fall time and Rise time, tf / tr 0,1µs / 1,0µs
Spectrum area of operating 850…950 nm
Operating ambient illumination 3’000 Lx
Operating temperature range, Tamb -10º...+50º C
Degree of protection IP65
Indication of outputs A and B 2 x LED
Connection cable 4x0.25 mm², L=2 m, PVC
Overall dimensions M18x1, L=60 mm
Housing - metallic CuZn (Ni plated)



Time diagram of output signals

Timing diagram of OVM1-18-24 slotted optical sensor

Output characteristics (residual voltage)

Output characteristic of optical sensor OVM1-18-24

Connecting the sensor to a controller

Scheme of connection of slotted optical sensor OVP1-18-24 with controller


OVM1-18-24 fork type photoelectric sensor with raster line

Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of the slotted optical sensor M18, L = 60 mm

Overall dimensions of raster measuring line (mm)

Dimensions of the raster measuring line L = 600 mm

Short description

The M18 photoelectric and optoelectronic fork type sensor with two dephased outputs is used in industrial systems, as electronic automation equipment. When passing a nontransparent object in the air slot the sensor's outputs are switched successively. The fork type photoelectric sensor there is a longer period of work due to contactless switching of the electrical circuits in which is included.