P9-95 - for textile industry

Inductive proximity sensor

Inductive proximity sensor P9-95.62.S

Sn=5.5mm, 4-wire with three outputs PNP/NC, 8-30VDC, 20mA, 95x26x14mm

Price 75.4 EUR no VAT

Unshielded type proximity sensor for direct current with plastic housing 95x26x14mm, with three outputs type PNP, with three normally closed contacts. The maximum distance of operation of the proximity sensor is 5,5mm. The sensor ends with a ...

Inductive proximity sensors and switches series P9-95 for the textile industry

These are DC inductive proximity sensors series P9-86, which are used in the textile industry, as automation equipment. They have three PNP normally closed outputs and are used as a variable resistor in the electrical circuits in which are included. The three outputs are independent of one another and are off when approaching a metal object to the relevant active area of the sensor. The inductive proximity sensors and switches for the textile industry are resistant to moisture and dust. They have a longer period of work due to contactless switching of the electrical circuits.