Optical safety barriers series SLC4 /IP65/

Safety optical barrier

Safety optical barrier SLC4-08-060

Sn=0÷10m, H=480mm, n=8, a=60mm, Us=24V ac/dc, Output-relay 1A/220V, IP65

Price 257.25 EUR no VAT

The safety photoelectric barrier SLC4-08-060 has 8 optical rays located on a plane at distance 60mm one from the other. The security barrier consists of emitter, receiver and controller. The emitter and receiver are made of square ...

Optical barrier cable

Optical barrier cable SLC4-Cable

LIYCY 4x0.25mm² shielded connecting cable terminated at one end with a male "Canon 9" connector and at the other end with a female "M12 Connector".

Safety light and optical barriers series SLC4  / Light and optical safety curtains series SLC4 /

The safety optical barriers and curtains series SLC4 work with infrared light and are element of the electronic automation equipment, which are used as optical fence for safety of machines and equipment in different fields of industry. The optical security barriers interrupt signal in the operating electrical circuit in which are included, when has violation of the optical fence. They can be installed in open and closed rooms. The degree of protection of the optical safety barriers is IP65.