Magnetic sensor MP4-30.21.R

Sn=10mm, 3-wire, NPN/NO, 5÷35VDC, 200mA, 30x6.4x5mm

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Magnetic sensor MP4-30.21.R for direct current for pneumatic cylinders. The sensor is in a 30x6.4x5mm plastic housing and has one NPN normally open "reed-contact" output. The maximum distance of operation of the magnetic sensor is 10mm (depends on the intensity of the magnetic field). The sensor ends with a 3-wire PVC connecting cable with a length of 2m and has an LED indicator showing the output state of the magnetic sensor.


The magnetic proximity sensor series MP4-30 is made on the base of reed-contact and serves to commutate direct current electric circuits. It is specialized for groove montage on pneumatic aluminum cylinders. It can also be used on other facilities. The principle of operation is to bring a permanent magnet closer to its active part, whereby the electrical circuit in the sensor closes and current flows. If there is a magnet in front of the active part of the sensor, the output indicator is on.


Operating distance, Sn 10,0 mm
Hysteresis, h 15%
Output function NPN / NO
Supply voltage, Us 5...35V DC
Residual voltage, Ures 0 V
Load current (max), Iout 200 mА
Protection of output, Iprot no
Switching frequency (max), fo 600 Hz
Fall time and Rise time, tf / tr 0.8 ms / 0.8 ms
Operating temperature range, Tamb -20º…+70º C
Degree of protection IP67 (IEC144)
Output light indicator LED
Connection cable 3x0.25 mm², L=2 m, PVC
Overall dimensions 30x6,4x5 mm
Housing - plastic PA6 (Polyamide)

Scheme of connection

Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of magnetic sensor MD2 and MP4-30

Typical parameters of magnetic sensors