Digital pulse counter CD4-2/220V

N=(1 - 9999), Us=220Vac, Output 4A/220V, 95x49x113mm

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The CD4-2/220V digital pulse counter is a microprocessor device with a 4-digit display. It counts up to 9999 and has one output relay. The counter can be started in three ways: a) by turning on the supply voltage; b) by pressing a button of the front panel of the counter; c) by using an external button or sensor connected to the counter. Programmatically can be set various parameters defining the operation of the counter. The device has an energy-independent memory. The pulse counter is designed for installation in a dashboard (panel montage).


The CD4-2 digital pulse counter is a compact microprocessor device that serves to count electrical pulses. The number of pulses received at its input is visualized on a four-digit display. Except counting the impulses, its main function of the counter is to switch the electric circuit, in which it is turned on when a set value "N" is reached. The pulse counter is widely used in automation of production, technological and other processes.


Digital indication, LED - red 4 digits, h=14mm (height)
Counting range, N 1 … 9999 (pulses)
Inner divisor, d 1 … 99
Supply voltage, Us 220 VAC ±10%
Power consumption, P 4 W (16 mA)
Output - Relay (NO+NC) 4A / 220VAC
Maximum counting frequency, Fmax 500 Hz (5 kHz option)
Operating temperature, Tamb -20º...+50º C
Degree of protection IP40
Joining Terminal block
Overall dimensions 95х49х113 mm

Programmable parameters

Limit value of pulses,  N 1 ÷ 9999
Inner divisor,  d 01 ÷ 99
Time between two adjacent pulses (00 = infinity),  t (sec) 00 ÷ 99  (99=9,9sec)
Active input front (high / low) Hi / Lo
Operating mode (increment / decrement) Inc / dEc
Interruption of the supply voltage,  Us :
      - after an interruption, the counting continues from the current data Cont
      - after an interruption, the counting automatically starts from the beginning Full
      - after an interruption, a stop mode of the current data is established Ucc
      - after an interruption, the counter is reset Goto
Automatic start when the power is turned on for the first time no / Auto
Initial state of the output relay (Status),  St ⌈‾⌉  /  ⌉_⌈

Schemes of connection

Scheme of connection of NPN sensor to counter


Connecting an NPN sensor to the counter input

Scheme of connection of a button switch to a counter


Connecting switch K1 to the counter input

PNP sensor connection diagram

Scheme of connection of PNP sensor to controller


Connect a PNP sensor to the counter input by adding a 2K / 0.5W resistor

Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of the housing 95x49x113 of the controller for panel mounting

Short description

The CD4-2 digital pulse counter is an electronic device used as a means of automating production processes. Used for switching direct current and alternating current electrical circuits.

Typical parameters of pulse counter CD4-2

CD4-2 / 12-24V11÷31VDC / 11÷27VAC2W (85mA)
CD4-2 / 220V220VAC ±10%4W (16mA)