Reflector BRT69x51

51x51mm, K=1.0, Acrylic, 65ºC, 69x51.5x8mm

Price 6.3 EUR no VAT

The BRT69x51 reflector for reflective optoelectronic sensors has an effective reflective surface of 51x51mm and a reflection coefficient of 1,0. It is made of acrylic. The maximum operating temperature is 65ºC.


The BRT69x51 acrylic reflector is mounting at a certain distance in front of the active part of the sensor. Its purpose is to return the ray emitted by the optical sensor. It also serves to limit the range of the reflective photoelectric sensor.


Reflective effective surface 51x51 mm
Reflective coefficient, K 1,0
Operating temperature (max) 65ºC
Overall dimensions 69x51,5x8 mm
Housing Acrylic

Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of BRT69x51 reflector