Revolution counter CMD6-2/220V

W=(3 ÷ 60'000 rpm), Us=220Vac, 2 outputs 4A/220V, 95x49x113mm

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The CMD6-2/220V digital revolution counter is a microprocessor device with a 6-digit display and serves for measuring revolutions in the range from 3 to 60'000 rpm. The rev counter has two output relays and there can be set two limit values "W1" and "W2" in reaching of which the relevant output relay switches on. The digital rev counter receives a signal from sensors and switches type "NPN" connected to his input. The tachometer is designed for installation in a dashboard (panel montage).


The CMD6-2 digital revolution counter is a compact microprocessor device, which serves to measure and controlling revolutions of rotation of axles, motor rotors and other turning objects. It is designed for combined work with inductive, photoelectric and other sensors, from which pulses are sent to the input of the rev-counter. For the correct work of the system “rev-counter - sensor" it is necessary to sending one impulse from the sensor to the revolution counter for one full rotation of the object. There can be assign two limit values of the revolutions “W1" and "W2" the reaching of which, activates the respective output relay. By pressing the "sec" and "Hz" buttons, the period of rotation of the axis in seconds (sec) and the frequency in hertz (Hz) is shown on the display of the tachometer.


Digital indication, LED - red 6 digits, h=10 mm (height)
Range of revolutions measurement, W 3 ... 60’000 rpm (600'000 rpm option)
Supply voltage, Us 220 VAC ±10%
Power consumption, P 4 W (16 mA)
Output - Relay-1 (W1) 4A/220VAC (NO+NC)
Output - Relay-2 (W2) 4A/220VAC (NO+NC)
Maximum frequency of the input pulses 1 kHz (11 kHz option)
Measurement error ±0,05%
Operating temperature, Tamb -20º...+50º C
Degree of protection IP40
Joining Terminal block
Overall dimensions 95х49х113 mm

Programmable parameters

Limit value,   W1 (rpm) 3 ÷ 60'000
Limit value,   W2 (rpm) 3 ÷ 60'000

Schemes of connection

Wiring diagram of NPN sensor to the input of the CMD6-2, CMD6-4 rev-counter


Scheme of connection of NPN sensor to the input of the rev-counter

Wiring diagram of switch K1 to the input of the CMD6-2, CMD6-4 rev-counter


Scheme of connection of switch K1 to the input of the rev-counter

PNP sensor connection diagram

Scheme of connection of PNP sensor to controller


Scheme of connection of PNP sensor to the input of the rev-counter by adding a resistor 2K / 0.5W.

Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of the housing 95x49x113 of the controller for panel mounting

Short description

The CMD6-2 digital tachometer is an electronic device used as a means of automating production processes. Serves to convert the electrical impulses received to it in revolutions (rpm). The main purpose of the tachometer is to visualize the measured revolutions on a digital display and when a certain limit value is reached to turn off or on the electrical circuit to which it is connected.

Typical parameters of digital tachometer CMD6-2

CMD6-2 / 12-24V11÷31VDC / 11÷27VAC3W (125mA)
CMD6-2 / 220V220VAC ±10%4W (16mA)