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2015 /June/

Fork-type inductive proximity sensors DC for direct current P4-70.10.K and P4-70.20.K

Fork-type proximity sensors P4-70.10.K and P4-70.20.K


The fork-type inductive proximity sensors are used for switching at 3- and 4-wire electrical circuits of direct current. When passing a metallic object in the air gap the sensor's output switches. The width of the air gap is 10 mm.

2015 /March/

Fork-type optoelectronic sensors for label printers OV3-70.10.RT and OV3-70.20.RT

Fork-type optoelectronic sensors OV3-70


The fork-type optoelectronic sensors are used in labeling machines for counting or positioning of labels arranged on a transparent or translucent carrier strip. The distance between the labels must not be less from 1mm. The sensors can detected labels moving at a speed up 200 pcs./sec.

2010 /May/

Inductive proximity sensors for railways P9-156.20 and P9-156.52

Proximity sensors for railways



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