Angles measuring controller DAC6-1R/220V

φ = (-999º59' ÷ 9999º59'), Us=220V ac/dc, 95x49x113mm

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The digital DAC6-1R/220V angles measuring controller is a microprocessor device with a 6-digit display and serves for measuring angles in the range of -999º59' to 9999º59'. The angles measuring controller has two inputs "A" and "B" and operates together with encoder or with sensor type "NPN" with two dephased outputs (OVM1-18.24.F). The controller for measuring angles is designed for installation in a dashboard (panel montage).
( Updated on 11/04/2022 )


The DAC6-1R angles measuring controller has a reverse action and serves to measure the angular displacement, which is displayed in degrees and minutes. The controller indicates positive and negative angles. It has two counting inputs – A and B – and is designed to work with encoders or sensor type OVM1-18.24.F with a two dephased outputs (fig.2). For correct operation of the controller in advance in the memory must be established number of pulses "n" of the encoder, which is connected to the inputs of the controller. The accuracy of the reading of the angular movements can be changed, by changing the factor of interpolation "i" of the input pulses A and B, which can have values 1, 2 or 4. The angles measuring controller is designed for installation in a dashboard (panel montage).


Digital indication, LED - red 6 digits, h=10 mm (height)
Operating range, φ
- a) “360” 0º00´... 360º00´
- b) “-360” -360º00´... 360º00´
- c) “0” -999º59´... 9999º59´
Supply voltage, Us 220VAC ±10%
Power consumption, P 4W (16mA)
Maximum frequency of the input pulses, f 11kHz
Reporting error
Operating temperature, Tamb -20º...+50º C
Degree of protection IP40
Joining Terminal block
Overall dimensions 95х49х113 mm

Programmable parameters

Number of pulses per turnover, (n) 1 ÷ 99999
Interpolation factor, ( i ) 1; 2; 4
Range of measurement, (or) 360; -360; 0

Schemes of connection

Wiring diagram of an encoder to the input of the DAC6-1R angles measuring controller


Scheme of connection of NPN encoder to the input of the controller

Scheme of connection of PNP encoder to controller


Scheme of connection of PNP encoder to the input of the controller with the addition of a 2K resistor


Илюстрация на диск с шлицов датчик OV1-18.24.F

Illustrative diagram for measuring angles using sensor OVM1-18.24.F with two phase-shifted NPN outputs.

Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of the housing 95x49x113 of the controller for panel mounting

Short description

The digital DAC6-1R controller for measuring angles is an electronic device that is used as a means of automating production processes. It is used to convert the received electrical pulses into angular values (º), (') and their visualization on a digital display.

Type parameters of DAC6-1R angles measuring controller

DAC6-1R / 12-24V11÷31VDC / 11÷27VAC2W (85mA)
DAC6-1R / 220V220VAC ±10%4W (16mA)