Industrial network for control of temperature processes Software Esa-net-5.00T

RS485, 19.2Kbps, 31 devices, 16384 records

Price 62.4 EUR no VAT

The industrial network for control of temperature processes "Esa-net-5.00T" serves for collection and reporting of data from productions in which temperature processes take place. It is built of archiving devices that are connected in a common network with a computer station. A two-wire line with standard RS485 protocol is used for data exchange between the devices and the computer station.
The software for monitoring and controlling temperature processes "Esa-net-5.00T" is designed to work in Win98, WinXP and Win7÷Win10 environments. The program does not require prior installation and is launched directly from the directory (folder) in which it is located on the computer.