M18 diffuse photoelectric sensor ODP1-18.10.FFKT

Sn=100mm, PNP/NO+NC, 9-36VDC, 250mA, M18x65mm

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The ODP1-18.10.FFKT infrared photoelectric diffuse sensor for direct current with convergent rays for the detection of small and thin objects. The optical sensor is located in a cylindrical plastic housing M18x65mm. The output of the sensor is PNP type with one normally open and one normally closed contact. The maximum distance of operation of the diffuse photoelectric sensor is 100mm. The optoelectronic sensor ends with a 4-wire PVC connecting cable with a length of 2m and has an LED indicator showing the output state of the sensor. The optical sensor is protected against incorrect cable connection, current overload and short circuit of the outputs.

Application and operating principle

The M18/FF presented photoelectric diffuse sensor with convergent rays is designed to detect small and thin objects. The optical sensor emits modulated ray of light, which is reflected by the passing (coming near) object and returns back to the sensor. When an object passes in front of the sensor active surface its output switches from one state to another. Nominal switching distance of the sensor is measured by the help of white cardboard with size 100x100 mm. When there is object in front of the sensor, the output indicator is on. The optical sensor has a potentiometer for adjusting the maximum action distance Sn.


Operating distance, Sn 0...100 mm
Supply voltage, Us 9…36 VDC (Ripple ±10 %)
Residual voltage (max), Ures 0,8 V (I = 250 mA)
Load current (max), Iout 250 mА
Protection of output (scanning), Iprot 350 mA (25°С)
Current consumption, Is 10 mA
Switching frequency (max), fo 150 Hz
Spectrum area of operating 850…950 nm
Operating ambient illumination 10’000 Lx
Operating temperature range, Tamb -25°…+70° C
Degree of protection IP54
Light output indicator LED
Connection cable 4x0.25 mm², L=2 m, PVC
Overall dimensions M18x1, L=65 mm
Housing - plastic PVC

Scheme of connection


Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of M18 diffuse optical sensor

Short description

The M18/FF diffuse optoelectronic sensor with convergent rays is used in industrial systems, as electronic automation equipment for switching at 3-wire and 4-wire electrical circuits of direct current. When an object passes in front of the active part of the optical sensor, its output switches. The diffuse photoelectric sensor there is a longer period of work due to contactless switching of the electrical circuits in which is included.


ODP1-18.10.FFKTPNP / NO + NC
ODP1-18.20.FFKTNPN / NO + NC