M18 inductive proximity sensor for speed control ISP1-18.71.U1

6...400rpm, Sn=8.0mm, 2-wire, NO, 90-240VAC, 10-300mA, M18х59mm

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Unshielded type inductive proximity sensor ISP1-18.71.U1 for alternating current, for control of revolutions in the range of 6 to 400 rpm. The sensor has a plastic cylindrical housing M18x59mm, with normally open contact. The maximum distance of operation of the proximity sensor is 8,0mm. The sensor ends with a 2-wire PVC connecting cable with a length of 2m. The sensor has two LEDs, one showing the output state of the inductive sensor, and the other showing the length of the received impulses. The sensor's output has no protection of short circuit. AC sensor designated with the symbol (U2) have an operating voltage 40-100VAC, with symbol (U3) it is 20-50VAC (by request). Example: ISP1-18.71.U2 or ISP1-18.71.U3


The presented proximity inductive sensor M18 serves to monitor the minimum permissible revolutions of rotation of shafts and the minimum permissible speed of movement of conveyor belts, elevators, lifts and other moving parts. It is used in alternating current electrical circuits.
After applying the supply voltage the output of the sensor remain included for 7 seconds - the necessary time for acceleration of the slow-moving mechanisms. If turnovers of the rotating mechanism exceed the given ones, the output of the sensor remain on. But if turnovers the rotating mechanism are lesser than the given, the output of the sensor turn off. The minimum turnovers are set by trimmer potentiometer located at the back of sensor. It has two LED's: a red one - indicating the output signal of the sensor and green one - indicating the length of the incoming pulses.

Note: Sensor marked at the end with the letter "Z": after turning off the output, restore its operation by turning off and on the supply voltage (option on request).


Range of regulation, N 6 ... 400 rpm
Maximum permissible revolutions, Nmax 1200 rpm
Switching distance, Sn 8,0 mm
Hysteresis, h 4...15%
Supply voltage, Us 90…240 Vac / 40...60 Hz (U1)
40…100 Vac / 40...60 Hz (U2)
20 … 50 Vac / 40...60 Hz (U3)
Residual voltage (max), Ures 4,4 Vac
Load current (max), Iout 10 ... 300 mА
Current consumption, Is 1,5 mA
Output element Thyristor
Operating temperature range, Tamb -25º…+70º C
Degree of protection IP67 (IEC144)
Output light indicator 2 x LED
Connection cable 2x0.5 mm², L=2 m, PVC
Overall dimensions M18x1 mm, L=59 mm
Housing - plastic PVC

Scheme of connection


Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of inductive speed control sensor M18

Short description

The presented proximity inductive sensor M18 is used in industrial systems as an automation tool for monitoring the minimum permissible revolutions of rotating shafts and the minimum permissible speed of movement of conveyor belts, elevators and other automated systems. The sensor monitors the speed of passage of metal objects in front of its active part. The proximity sensor for speed control is resistant to moisture and dust. It has a long service life thanks to the non-contact switching of the electrical circuit in which it is connected.


ISP1-18.71.U190…240 VACNO
ISP1-18.71.U240…100 VACNO
ISP1-18.71.U320…50 VACNO
ISP1-18.71.U1Z90…240 VACNO
ISP1-18.71.U2Z40…100 VACNO
ISP1-18.71.U3Z20…50 VACNO