Temperature controller with timer TCT42-1A/220V

T=(-99º...+650ºC), Us=220Vac, 2 outputs 4A/220V, 95x49x113mm

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The digital temperature controller with timer TCT42-1A/220V is a microprocessor device with two 4-digit displays, which serves to visualize the temperature in the range from -99° to +650°C and the operating time in the range from 0,01 to 99,20 min/sec (h/min). The temperature controllers use a Pt100 temperature sensor as a sensitive element for measuring the temperature. It has two output relays. The one relay serves to control the heater (cooler), and the other is functional and is turned on throughout the set operating time. The temperature regulation is carried out by two-position method "on/off". The temperature controller is designed for installation in a dashboard (panel montage).


The digital temperature controller with timer TCT42-1A is a compact microprocessor device that serves to regulate temperatures in the range from -99º to + 650ºC. With the timer is set the operating time of the thermal controller from the moment of reaching the set temperature until the expiration of the operating time. The input of the thermal controller is designed to work with a 2-wire Pt100 temperature sensor. Output "S" (Relay-1) is used to control the heater (cooler), and output “F” (Relay-2) is functional and can be used to switch on various actuators. The output "F" is switched on when the set temperature is reached and switched off when the set time has elapsed. The temperature is regulated according to a simple two-position control law (ON-OFF). Using the buttons located on the front panel can be set to the desired temperature adjustment (T), the hysteresis (h) and the operating mode (Mode) - heating or cooling, and by changing the value of the coefficient (d) the error of the measured temperature caused by the resistance of the connecting cable of the temperature sensor can be compensated. Can be set the time (t) of operation of thermocontroller and activation of the alarm signal (A) after the expiration of the operational time. The temperature controller is suitable for sterilizing products, baking pasta in ovens or for controlling other temperature processes.


Digital indication, LED - red 2 x 4 digits, h=9 mm (height)
Operating range, T -99º... +650ºC
Hysteresis, h 0º... 10ºC
Operating time range, t 0 ... 99.20 min/s (0 ... 99.20 h/min)
Supply voltage, Us 220VAC ±10%
Power consumption, P 5W (20mA)
Output S - Relay-1 ( heater / cooler ) 4A / 220VAC (NO)
Output F - Relay-2 ( functional ) 4A / 220VAC (NO+NC)
In-1 input for connecting a temperature sensor Pt100
Temperature measurement error ±0.5º / Tamb (+10º...+30ºC)
Operating temperature, Tamb -20º...+50º C
Degree of protection IP40
Joining Terminal block
Overall dimensions 95х49х113 mm

PROGRAMMABLE PARAMETERS - Temperature controller

Temperature of regulate (T) -99º... +650ºC
Hysteresis (h) 0º... 10ºC
Operating mode (Mode) - heating / cooling HEAT / CooL
Correction coefficient (d) 0º... -9.9ºC


Operating time (t) 0.01 ... 99.20
Timer mode (ON / OFF) On / OFF
Time range (0.01 ... 99.20 min/sec) / (0.01 ... 99.20 h/min) t - 1’’ / t - 1’
Alarm (A) - number of beeps 0 ... 10

Scheme of connection

Wiring diagram of 2-wire Pt100 temperature sensor to temperature controller-archiver TCT42-1A


Connection of a 2-wire Pt100 sensor to the temperature controller with timer

Time-diagram of temperature regulation

Temperature adjustment diagram with temperature controller TCT42-1A

Process of temperature regulation “on/off” of thermal controller TCT42-1A at set operating time to.

Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of the housing 95x49x113 of the controller for panel mounting

Short description

The digital temperature controller with timer TCT42-1A is an electronic device that serves for measuring and regulating temperatures in the range from -99º to + 650ºC. The temperature controller uses a Pt100 temperature sensor as a sensitive element for measuring the temperature. The thermal controller with timer can be used for sterilization of products, baking of pasta or other processes of heat treatment of materials.

Typical parameters of TCT42-1A temperature controller

TCT42-1A / 12-24V11÷31VDC / 11÷27VAC4W (150mA)
TCT42-1A / 220V220VAC ±10%5W (20mA)