Two-channel temperature controller TC42-1/220V

T=(-99º...+650ºC), Us=220Vac, 2 outputs 4A/220V, 95x49x113mm

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The digital two-channel temperature controller TC42-1/220V is a microprocessor device with two 4-digit displays and serves for measuring and regulating temperatures in the range from -99º to +650ºC. The dual-channel temperature controller uses two Pt100 temperature sensors (one for each channel) as a sensing element for measuring the temperature. It has two output relays (one for each channel). The temperature regulation is carried out by two-position method "on/off". The temperature controller is designed for installation in a dashboard (panel montage).


The digital two-channel temperature controller TC42-1 is a compact microprocessor device that serves to measure and regulate temperatures in the range from -99º to +650ºC. In one housing are integrated two independent from each other temperature controllers each of which has one input and one output. The inputs of the temperature controller are designed to work with Pt100 temperature sensors 2-wire, and its outputs are relay contacts. The temperature regulation is carried out by two-position law “on/off”. To prevent flipping through the relay contacts of the outputs when switching, in the process of production is set up a limit to their performance of 0,5 seconds. By the front panel buttons can be set the desired the temperature of regulate (T), hysteresis (h) and the operating mode (Mode) - heating or cooling, and by changing the value of the coefficient (d) can be compensated the error of the measured temperature, which is obtained from the resistance of the connecting cable of the temperature sensors. The temperature controllers are widely used in industrial automation, technological and other processes.


Digital indication, LED - red 2 x 4 digits, h=9 mm (height)
Operating range, T1 (T2) -99º... +650ºC
Hysteresis, h1 (h2) 0º... 30ºC
Supply voltage, Us 220VAC ±10%
Power consumption, P 5W (20mA)
Output - relay, S1 (S2) 2 x 4A/220VAC (NO)
Inputs in-1, in-2, for connecting a temperature sensor Pt100
Temperature measurement error ±0.5º / Tamb (+10º...+30ºC)
Operating temperature, Tamb -20º...+50º C
Degree of protection IP40
Joining Terminal block
Overall dimensions 95х49х113 mm

Programmable parameters

Temperature of regulate (T1, T2) -99º... +650ºC
Hysteresis (h1, h2) 0º... 30ºC
Operating mode (Mode-1, Mode-2) - heating / cooling HEAT / CooL
Correction coefficient (d1, d2) 0º... -9.9ºC

Scheme of connection

Wiring diagram of 2-wire Pt100 temperature sensor to temperature controller-archiver TC42-1


Connection of two 2-wire Pt100 sensors to the temperature controller

Time-diagram of temperature regulation

Диаграма на регулиране на температурата с терморегулатор TC4

Process of temperature regulation “on/off” of TC42-1 temperature controller

Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of the housing 95x49x113 of the controller for panel mounting

Кратко описание

The two-channel temperature controller TC42-1 is an electronic device that serves for measuring and regulating temperatures in the range from -99º to + 650ºC. The temperature controller uses a Pt100 temperature sensor as a sensitive element for measuring the temperature. The main purpose of the two-channel thermostat is to visualize and regulate the measured temperature by turning on and off the electrical circuit in which it is included.

Typical parameters of TC42-1 temperature controller

TC42-1 / 12-24V11÷31VDC / 11÷27VAC4W (150mA)
TC42-1 / 220V220VAC ±10%5W (20mA)