M12 inductive proximity sensor, Namur P1-12.62.N

Sn=2.6mm, 2-wire by scheme "Namur", NC, 8.2VDC, M12x39mm

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Unshielded type P1-12.62.N proximity sensor for direct current with plastic housing M12x39mm, with normally closed contact. The maximum distance of operation of the proximity sensor is 2,6mm. The sensor ends with a 2-wire PVC connecting cable with a length of 2m. As the sensor acts as a variable resistance in the circuit included it does not have LED indication and the sensor's output is not protected of overload and short circuit.

Application and operating principle

The inductive proximity sensors type P1-12.62.N is used in two-wire direct current electric circuits, where it acts as a variable resistor.. Its action is determined on an inductive principle - when approaching a metal object to its active part, its initial resistance increases. The inductive sensor has a normally closed contact "NC", ie. when there is no metal object in front of its active part, its output resistance is the smallest and then the largest current flows through the sensor. Its standard inclusion in the electrical circuit is known as "NAMUR" (Scheme 62), where the load resistance is 1kW, and the supply voltage is 8,2V. The sensor is used to measure and monitor the speed of gears and other rotating parts.


Operating distance, Sn 2,6 mm
Nominal supply voltage, Un 8,2 VDC
Range of supply voltage, Us 5...30 VDC (Ripple ±10%)
Residual voltage, Ures (at NC) 2,9V (Us=8,2V; RL=1K)
Current in “normal open”, INO <1,2mA (Us=8,2V)
Current in “normal closed”, INC >2,1mA (Us=8,2V)
Switching frequency (max), fmax 2 KHz (Sn=1,3 mm)
Operating temperature range, Tamb -25°…+70° C
Degree of protection IP67 (IEC144)
Output light indicator No
Connection cable 2x0.25 mm², L=2 m, PVC
Overall dimensions M12x1, L=39 mm
Housing - plastic PVC

Scheme of connection


Overall dimensions (mm)

Overall dimensions of inductive sensor M12S, L=39